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Lego Doner Kebab House / Restaurant


Because I'm Happy...

Today is a great wonderful friday and
only one day to weekend.

Today is my Birthday and I want to
thank my family, friends and supporters.

All I wish is that my Lunar Rover finally
gets 2K and one of my other projects 1K.
That would be awesome amazing wow.

I also wish you all a great day and also
a wonderful weekend.

Have a nice day and keep on building your ideas





Yahoooo..1 to 400 Supporters

Thank you so much

Have a very nice wonderfull weekend

Brick n Roll ;o)


Thank you Supporters, You are Awesome!

Thank you Supporters

I couldn't believe it.
Two of my Projects got 300 Supporters this Weekend.
Thank you so much.

The first is this one and the second one is:

Lego Playground for Families and Kids / BBQ / Seating

Also my Lunar Roving Vehicle (including a Baseplate) got 400+

This weekend is AWESOME!
Everthing is AWESOME!

Thank you so much!


Doner Kebab Comic Style with Heroes

This weekend I build my "Ghostbusters" and had an Idea.
How would it look like if they would visit my restaurant.
(and also my other Film Heroes)
So I made some experiments with the LDD.

Here you can see the Ghostbusters:

Here you cen see the Avengers while eating in my restaurant:

and here you can see Marty McFly and Doc:

Have a funny weekend and please support me.
Thanks...190 Votes!


Other views of the "Little Doner" and something I forgot

welcome to my first Update.

You asked for other views of the small Version.
I rendered it last I hope its OK.

And I've seen I forgot something.
The bar/counter issn't closed and you can see the feet.
I rendered the wrong version. should look like this:

Thanks for so many votes!
and have a nice week

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