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Lego Doner Kebab House / Restaurant


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Welcome to my next Project:
The first Lego Doner Kebab House ever made.

I started with a little constuction 3 month ago and changed a lot
during this time.
Hope you like it...because I LOVE it.

So if you don't know what a Doner Kebab is:

Doner Kebab is a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, normally
lamb but also a mixture of veal or beef with these, or sometimes chicken.
The dish is also widely known by its Arabic name "shawarma" or the Greek name "gyros".

The sliced meat of a doner kebab may be served wrapped in a flatbread such as lavash
or pita or as a sandwich instead of being served on a plate. It is a common fast-food
item not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East, Europe, Canada and Australia.
Seasoned meat in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly against a vertical
rotisserie, then sliced vertically into thin, crisp shavings. On the sandwich version,
the meat is generally served with tomato, onion with sumac, pickled cucumber and chili.
(source: Wikipedia)

The Constuction has 2 Floors.
First Floor:
The Kitchen with 2 vertical rotisseries and 2 normal rotisseries, a fridge, seatings, etc
Also a rear exit door
Second Floor:
more seatings and a balcony
Air Condition and antenna

Both floors with lights and TV

The bottom of the first floor: Little 1x1 and 2x1 bricks.
The Idea: Everybode can build his own design ;o)

If you don't like the stairs and want to have place for more seats,
just add the second seating and remove the stairs.
And the roof can placed on the first floor..if you like a smaller

Waste containers, a large light etc...

And a SPECIAL one (maybe Special Edition):
For the small city or the park, the little City Doner Kebeb House.
It has just one vertical rotisserie and one normal rotisserie.
If you want I can render some other views.

Hope you like please Vote for this.
Please please!

And please leave a comment.
I would change things you don't like.
The Lego Community needs a Lego Doner Kebab House :o)



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