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Magical Tree Stump House

Welcome to the magical world of forest elves! This set is a stump of a tree which was converted to a house by this forest elf. This old stump with its magical vines full of glow in the dark flowers was the perfect venue for the elf to make a house. Inside the house, there is one bed and a furnace/stove.

Using the keywords "magic" and "house" given to me by my sister for inspiration, I came up with this concept. I was excited by the challenge of making a round and rough looking creation. I have always loved fantasy, and I love nature, so building an elf house in a tree stump was just the perfect concept for me.

This set has a removable top to allow you to play on the inside. You can also remove the bark and roots at the back of the house to expose hinges, which allows the house to open allong the side. Special features include glow in the dark flowers, and glow in the dark lamps flanking the windows and door. The furnace has a door that can open.

I enjoyed designing this set and I hope you enjoy it too!

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