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Minecraft MicroWorld: The Nether & Fortress

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Hi guys! Today I`ll be showcasing my Nether project! I hope you guys like it and if you do please support and pass the word! Why don`t we pass on to the review?


* 5 Micromobs (Wither Skeleton, Blaze, Magma Cube Medium and 2 Magma Cubes Small)

* A Nether Fortress

* A portal

* Lava pools

* 2 semi-caves

* And 2 Glowstones!

Let`s look the project from a closer shot....

Closer look at the micromobs! And as most of you know, they also use prints! You may see a Portal there, also some lava and rocks...

Closer look without mobs...Oh, hi Blaze, don`t burn anything. You may see another angle of the Fortress and some more rocks....

Well, these are the "caves" though their isn`t any caves like in the normal world in The Nether but I thought it would be a nice thing to add semi-caves! You may see 2 small Magma Cubes and 2 Glowstones around the caves!

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That was it, I hope you liked my project and if you did please support!

I will be making more of these, stay tuned for more! And check my other projects too!

I would like to thank DH123, IronManMk17, StickCity, BrickCore99, Creatorj1, brickking31, Ayd2195 and GabeMiller! For great ideas! Thanks guys!

(Medium Magma Cubes) "Kids, we present you your grandparents!"

(Big Magma Cube) "Hello children"

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