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McDonalds With Apartment and Rooftop Garden

1) What is it?
This is a building designed for your LEGO city with three scenes fitting in one.  On the lower level is a small McDonald's restaurant.  It has a couple of places to sit, but it's designed for the person on the street to pop in, grab some food, and go.  Some details include a small kitchen with chef, a back door for the employees to use (directly behind the chef), and a small bathroom.  Next to the restaurant is a doorway leading up to the 1-bedroom, 1-bath apartment on the second floor.  (There is also a place next to the stairs for the tenet to park his bike inside.)  The apartment also has a living room and a kitchenette.  This tenet has a big screen TV that he likes to watch in his living room too.  The tenet can continue taking the stairs up to the roof to find a rooftop garden with four big garden beds.  Here, he can grow his own wonderful food to eat when he's not eating McDonald's.  The roof also includes a nice picnic table for outdoor eating, a small storage room for gardening tools, a garden hose in a storage box, and some lights. This set has 2509 pieces.  It sits on a standard 32x32 base plate.  It is 10.4" wide, 10.4" deep, 8.4" high, and weighs just over 5 pounds.

2) Why did you build it?
I built it because I thought it would be a great addition to any LEGO  city.  I know many of the city buildings are very detailed, so I tried to add as much detail to this as possible.  I also wanted to challenge myself to make three distinct scenes all in one build but still have them naturally tie together.  A restaurant, an apartment, and a rooftop garden just seemed to make sense.

3) Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
This would be a great LEGO set, because I think other builders would enjoy building it with all of its details.  It is also full of playability.  This set would look great in your bustling LEGO city.

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