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The Pinball Frame


The Pinball Frame is a creation consisting of a frame and an interchangeable playfield. The frame itself features a lot of components to make the pinball experience as fun and customizable as possible: Adjustable legs, foldable flippers, a ball box, and a spinning plunger. This pinball contains a total of 554 pieces, of which 134 are unique and 2 are printed.
The Pinball Frame 1.0 was released 3 years prior to this product proposal. It featured a similar core concept of interchangeable playfields built on 16x32 baseplates, but with different designs for the surrounding components. It quickly received a staff pick and a few hundred supporters, but ultimately expired. 

The Pinball Frame 2.0 updates every single aspect of its predecessor, and continues our mission to “reframe the pinball game”. I think this would make for an awesome set, mostly because of the ability to build your own playfields. It's this feature that made me start building this pinball game, and the feature that characterizes this creation.

“Project Pinball” is a project dedicated to getting a LEGO IDEAS pinball product proposal to the expert review, which required 10k supporters. This is the next step of the journey to promote The Pinball Frame all the way to the LEGO shelves. Thank you for your support, engagement, and feedback! 

“Piece out!”
/ Pandis Pandus

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