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The Pinball Frame


3 years ago I got an idea about a LEGO pinball game with redesigned components in a reimagined concept. That idea developed into the innovative Pinball Frame; a creation that completely rebuilds the pinball experience. 

Today I am super excited to present the result. I loved creating it, from the first to the last brick. Here is your chance to be a part of our campaign, which aims to give a place for The Pinball Frame on the LEGO shelves. 

The Pinball Frame, excluding the baseplate playfields, consists of 401 pieces, while interchangeable original playfield is built with 186 pieces. When including 4 balls into account, the entire creation contains a total of 591 pieces. 

Together we can reframe the pinball game. We have the creativity, so we are already halfway through. Thank you for your support, engagement, and feedback. Piece out! / Pandis Pandus

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