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Spaceballs - Eagle 5



10 more to go! I want to thank you all for supporting this Lego Ideas project! It almost took 2 years, but we pulled it off!  Fun fact: Support number 10.000 will happen on Star wars day! Now let’s hope that maybe we will finally have some Spaceballs merchandise! 

Oh, and look below to see the Eagle 5 flying by while Bon Jovi is playing on the background! 

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Hello Everyone!


The counter is at 8600 at the moment and we have only got 13 days left.

If everyone who is following this project could share this project on facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus etc...

If everyone does this we might be able to pull this off!



The Schwartz Awakens


Just wanted to share this with you guys! 

Just a little less than 3300 supporters short. It would be great if you guys would share this project with friend, family, co-workers etc... Because with 125 I think it's still possible! 

May the Schwartz be with youuuuUUUuuuuUUUU!

Front Page! Woohoo!


This is awesome! The Eagle 5 made it to the front page! Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who supported this project! +/- 8000 more to go, but we can do it!  As you can see I already started preparations!

And may the Schwartz be with youuuuuu!!


Don't forget about the minifigs!


We should not forget that there are minifigs included in this set!

So i'll give you guys a list so you won't have to scroll down all the way.

Spaceballs Licence!


Woohoo! LEGO just commented on this project that there are no licence conflicts at this point! We Might Finaly Have SPACEBALLS Merchandise!! Please like, support, share, tel your friends, family, neighbours, spaceballs, Let The World Know!! And may the Schwartz be with youuuuuuu!!!





Like MGM and Mel Brooks are discussing the possiblity (again) for an actual spaceballs sequel...

I thought, I can do that too! (again)

So here it is (again), after at least 365 days... the second spaceballs lego project: SPACEBALL ONE!


And don't forget to support the Eagle 5!

The Mythical Licence...


Thank you for the 1000 supports! Now lets see if Lego can get that licence!



Just 9040 votes to go! Keep it up! And a thanks to everyone who supported this project!


May the Schwartz be with you!