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Storm Chasers TIV 2


Running Towards a Tornado... I mean out of time.

Just too let all of you know I WILL be posting this project again and with better pictures, videos, etc. Don't give up on this yet, I'm going to do some good revisions on my Lego work schedule! :D 

    Happy building,




One Hundred Supporters!!

Thank you everyone who has supported this project, and thank you for spreading the word! This project hasn't had the best start, but it can still make it if you'll tell others, post it on social media, and tell comment about it on Ideas, so please do!

I'd like to tell you about the process it took to come up with the model you see.

Here's a possible lifting mechanism that I chose not to use because 1) It didn't lift completely smooth (the grabber pieces would catch on the Technic holes) and 2) It won't lift each side individually.

Here's a quick Mindstorms model that I had built awhile back, and this project was inspired partly to make it (a lot) smaller, better looking, and would be submitted on Lego Ideas.

Here's the model before I got the pieces I ordered. You can see I spent some money on this.

And finally the sketches for sizing the model correctly. I traced pictures, which is what you see, but then I discovered the wonderful LEGO MODEL SCALER by Sariel. A little late, but I used it to make some 3D measurements.

Than you for all the support, and if you do all you can to make this project known, especially on the Web, then you'll see this in the stores not to long!

Happy Building!






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