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Storm Chasers TIV 2


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This is a Lego version of the Storm Chasers car, the Tornado Interception Vehicle 2 (also known as the TIV 2). This model took me about two months to complete, including everything such as ordering parts and designing stickers. 

​The functions of the Lego model include: 

  • Side skirts pull up when you turn the gear (the rotation of the lift-arm creates enough friction on the Technic axle to keep the side skirts from falling down (pic 17). This worked quite effectively, and I'm pleased.
  • The front skirt can be pushed up without it coming back down. I had to make it ride up on the track, without coming off the track, all in the space of 3x4 studs (along with the dashboard for the mini-figures (Pic 12),it is a tight fit).
  • The back skirt can be lowered to the ground (pic 21).
  • The front section of the roof can be pulled off to access the mini-figures, and you can also see the lift-arms this way (also pic 17 ).
  • Sorry, the dome does not rotate; maybe Lego could design a piece that would allow this. This was probably the hardest part of the whole thing, I mean how many clear domes of that size are available from Lego? There is only one, according to LDD. Lego would just need to produce a sticker to outline the windows, but that's not a huge problem (pic 20).

A video you need to watch:

 Take a look at pic 1 and check out some fun facts about the real thing:

  • Designed by Sean Casey
  • Built off a Dodge Ram 3500
  • Has a modified 6.7 liter Cummins diesel engine
  • Top speed is 100 mph
  • Weighs 14,000 lbs.  
  • Was completed in 2008 by forty welding college students 

Support, support, support! This model can't become a set without you or your friends so please tell them! Please share this on Facebook, too.

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For Lego,

I really think that this set would be a lot of fun for kids and teenagers, simply because it's based off a very functional and detailed car, and the daring chasers would offer lots of playability. I'd like the box to look like the Tornado Alley cover (pic 2), with the TIV 2 heading towards two or three tornadoes. And if you could put some of the facts about the real car in the instruction booklet, like I did here, that would be neat.

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