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Scarab SRV

2000 supporters!


New Photos


New photos below!

I have also added all the photos to a flickr album.



On the front page!



Thanks to you all, this project has made it onto the front page of Lego Ideas!

What makes this even cooler is that my other project the Asp Explorer (also from Elite Dangerous), is on the front page too!

Thanks again for all the support and the shares.

Asp Explorer - Please support!


My Asp Explorer project, also from Elite Dangerous has gone live!

Please support it. Thank you very much!

Asp Explorer Teaser


Here are some teaser renders for the new Elite Dangerous themed Lego project I'm working on.

The Asp Explorer!


SRV Paint Jobs


I tried mocking up what it would look like with different paint jobs, using a few of the in-game designs!

Sprint Teal

Tactical Scarlet

Military Earth Yellow

Thanks for the support!

Two major improvements!


Openable Back Section

I have rebuilt the back section of the SRV. Two doors open so you can slot in two cargo units (cannister or UA)! 



Cockpit Version 3

I also rebuilt the cockpit. The new design has a more authentic shape, and is one stud wider, making it more proportionally correct. It's easier to build, it's stronger, and still opens nicely. The beams are a bit chunkier than before, but the overall effect is better.


The brick count is now up to over 500.

Thanks again for the support!


Now the cockpit opens ... and it can carry cargo!


I have made two major improvements to the Scarab SRV!

I have rebuilt the cockpit completely. Doesn't look much different, but it is now a lot stronger, which allowed me to make the cockpit canopy swing open, which is something I wanted to do originally. This makes it much easier to get the minifigures in and out too.

I have also added a connector which allows two cargo units (either cannisters or Unknown artifact) to attach to the underside of the SRV, which is pretty cool. Ideally the cargo would go inside the body of the vehicle, but I havent figured out a way to do that yet without the body shape being all wrong! I will keep thinking about a solution for that.

Anyway, thanks again for all the support so far, it's much appreciated. Please continue to share and support :)

This is what it looks like now with the canopy swinging open, and the blue cannisters safely stowed underneath.



It drives pretty smoothly ... and explodes nicely too!


It drives pretty smoothly ... and explodes nicely too!