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Scarab SRV


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Scarab SRV

This is the Scarab SRV (Surface Recon Vehicle) from the video game Elite Dangerous: Horizons.
Built to Minifigure scale, I crammed in as much detail as possible from the game. It contains over 450 bricks.
Main Features

  • Two Commander Minifigures - male and female.
  • Movable side boosters - used for jumping over obstacles and ravines, and for self-righting if the vehicle gets stuck upside down after a tumble.
  • Movable top mounted turret with twin-plasma-repeaters for mining minerals, for self-defence, and for data-link transmission.
  • Headlights (x6), brakelights (x2) and reverse light (x1).
  • Twin wavescanner probes at the front of the cockpit, for locating interesting objects.
  • Two salvaged cargo cannisters - the generic blue/grey type. They often just contain tea, but hopefully these ones are full of gold!
  • A spooky black "Unknown Artifact" - no-one knows why these mysterious alien objects started appearing near the "Merope" star system, or why they emit such creepy sounds ...


So what is a Scarab SRV?

It is a one-person buggy, designed for exploring remote rocky and icy worlds in high or low gravity. It can easily achieve speeds of over 85mph on flat terrain, and is great for doing skids, donuts and low-gravity-somersaults. It can carry two standard cargo units, and can scoop up minerals and resources from planet surfaces. It looks like this, and features in this game trailer.

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