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Steampunk Warship


This Steampunk Warship is hybrid between Victorian and future technologies.  

This ship has a steam engine to power the propellers, but also has an anti-gravity reactor in the back of the ship to provide lift, along with a cryogenic cooling system to enable the reactor to work.  The main cannon in the center, along with all of the other guns have observation windows, and there is a rear view camera underneath the reactor right at the back.  But the lighting system is still powered by gas, with two lanterns on the right hand side.  The small guns all swivel and tilt to provide better cover in the event of an attack.

On the right hand side at the back is a winch system to help load the fuel and supplies into the fuselage, and the cockpit opens up showing the pilot and cabin complete with pressure gauges.  There are gauges on the outside of the ship, designed to be viewed through nearby windows.

The model has the maximum number of features I could cram onto the panels, with wood effect where possible, brass and steel colored bricks and dark blue for cast iron.  It even has a grappling hook to allow it to dock with an airborne docking station.

If you love steampunk, or the hybrid technologies in one model, or just like this model, please vote.  This model contains 1272 bricks.




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