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Space Police: Interception

Let's take a big leap into the future, or in the sci-fi realm.
A dangerous robotic villain has escaped prison! That seems like a job for the space police.
With their interceptor (the spaceship with 2 enormous rockets) no criminal stands a chance.
The set containing 450 bricks depicts a chase and a capture of said villain.

  • Space police interceptor
  • Villain spaceship
  • 2 officers armed and with handcuffs
  • robot villain

The styling of the rather simple "villain-ship" is inspired by the old LEGO space series.
You might remark the fact that it has no roof, well for an evil robot it doesn't mind.
The interceptor on the other hand has a hinge-able cockpit and 4 legs,
hinge-able and easily stored away in the stylish body of the interceptor.
This set is really built for playing as well as admiring.

I hope you all enjoy this set!

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