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Amazing Rat Maze!


Help me get to 100, I'll share the plans!

Ok, you probably don't need the plans, but the project's stalled :(  It won't make the 100 to get the first year without more support, so please support!


Feeling trapped in the Rat Race?

Then support my amazing Rat Maze so you can find an escape!


Need 70 more!

Uh oh, we've stalled, I'm sure 70 more folks want this to get to 100 so it can start collecting real supporters!  We can do it!

(edit: I said that poorly 1st time.  Is there a colloquial name for when a project reaches 100 supporters so it is "real" instead of trial?)


Check out my new maze - mazeaic!

I created another maze as well - a maze/mosaic combination I'm calling a mazeaic!  Please check it out.

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