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Yellow Race Car


Former Glory

This is the made-up story of the Yellow Race Car, the "Number 10," ​inspired by one comment.

When people look upon this car in its current style, they say that it looks cool and vintage-like. Car critics, on the otherhand, say "This is a race car? It looks more like an old roadster to me!" But when they do research on the internet, they realize now that this car was not just some "roadster." It is much more than that.

In 1966, this car was racing down race tracks all over the different parts of Lego City! ​This car had won 189 races and lost 17 races. Even when this car had lost its races, people still loved seeing it cross the finsih line. Who was the talented driver? The driver of this most famous car is named John Studsen. For ten years, he had raced down the many dirt tracks of Lego City.​ Unfortunately, something happened in 1976 that would change his career.

In 1976, he was racing on the most popular race track in Lego City. It was the final race that ​John Studsen ​was going to make for his retirement. ​During the race, it started to rain. None of the racers thought anything of it, so the referee at the referee racing booth told the crowd that the race would go on. The tracks were beginning to get slippery because of the rain water. On the thrid-to-last lap, the ​Yellow Race Car, the famous "Number 10," ​had lost control. The car made a few flips and then crashed on the cold, cruel ground. The car was in complete disrepair. John Studsen ​had made it out of the car in one piece; he only had a few bumps and bruises. He looked at the car and was saddened. "I was going to pass this car down to my children, but my dream is dead," said the poor man. From that day on, he acted very different.

A week after the tragic event took place, an auto-collector named ​Brick Carson ​took the car to his home. He saved the car from being scrapped. It sat in his garage for many, many years. One day, in 1996, Brick Carson looked at the still wrecked car in his garage. He recalled the sad event that took place the week before he received. He said to himself these words: "Look at this car; it's all wrecked and broken. It's been sitting here for twenty years in the dark. She needs some restoration. What can I do for you, ​Number 10?​ What can I do?" He paced and thought. After five minutes, he thought of a revolutionary idea. Brick Carson ​rushed into his house and dialed two phone numbers that had never been touched.

At the home of John Studsen, ​a telephone had rang. In a depressed but normal tone, the famous John Studsen ​answered the call. "*sigh* Hello, this is John StudsenWho is this." Brick Carson ​responded, "It's me, the guy who took your broken car twenty years ago!" "*sigh* Is this ​Brick Car--​" "Yes, it's me! Do you remember where I live?" "Yes I do, ​Mr. Car--​" "Come down here right now!" ​Brick Carson hung up the phone, leaving John Studsen confused. "Is this about--no! It can't be!" thought the former race car driver. Intrigued, ​John Studsen ​went into his car, and headed for Brick Carson's ​house.

The next person that ​John Studsen ​called was named Rock Powers. ​Ring, ring ​Went the phone at Rock Powers' ​house. "This is ​Rock Powers​How may I help you?" "You may not have hear of me, but my name is ​Brick Carson.​" "Oh, I know who you are! You took the broken wreckage from ​John Studsen's ​race car!" "Yes, I'm that guy! Sir, I am calling to see if you restore cars." "If I could get power crystals for Lego City ​every three months, then I could totally restore your racing car! Where do you live? Tell me, and then I'll be right over." The conversation was over after Brick Carson told Rock Powers ​where he lived.

The three were now together, excited to get the car back into shape. "Do you think this will work, ​Brick Carson?​" "If Rock Powers ​thinks it will, then it will. What do you think, sir?" "Boys, this is definitly going to work!"

During the time of the restoration, ​Rock Powers ​had gone on a crazy expedition. Nobody had seen him ever since. Rock Powers son, ​Clutch Powers​took over the restoration operation. "In honor of my father," ​Clutch Powers ​said, "I will finish what he started. Come on, men! Let's finish this!" He said these words in 2010. In the year 2016, the project was complete. Now, people from all around Lego City ​can look upon Number 10 ​in all of its glory. It's not just a roadster or a race car, but it signifies the hard work of ​Brick Carson, John Studsen, Rock Powers, ​and ​Clutch Powers. ​Together as a team, these four men had accomplished a great deal of work.


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