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Yellow Race Car


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Introducing, the Yellow Race Car!

I built this Yellow Race Car ​last year in 2016. This car was originally intended to have a modernistic look. But as I was in the process of building it, I realized that my model had the potential to look like a classic muscle car. Everything turned out as I wanted in the end. Now, I am posting this model as a ​project to the Lego Ideas Gallery ​for the very first time!

Now that I have properly introduced my new ​project ​with fancy rendering​, now I can state the information about this car:

  • This classic racing vehicle is ​189 pieces.
  • It is not based off of any particualar car in general.
  • 1x2 plates with the number "10" printed on them are located on the doors and in between the back-lights.
  • Inside the car is a turning stearing wheel, two passenger seats, printed gauges, and a moving gear-shift.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my creation! If something needs work, please let me know in the comments. Have a good day, everyone! (By cheesy. 6/27/2017)

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