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Jungle Fever / Concrete Justice (Redux)


Conflict Lost again

you would think after getting Two very different projects to 100 supporters Back-to-back you would have a Winning combination of render images and a Facebook Group designed to Support Projects, But I guess not as we approach Expiration with two more Supporters boosting our total to 0.64%.

Of course, since we started April as of this update, you'd think I'd be Joking. That was Yesterday! and even then, my joking would be more sarcastic with your achievements. to which you only beaten our Personal Best. That's IT!

and that kind of hurts BlackSpiderMan15 too since he Suggested to bring this back even when i knew it would tank again. and as of now, I was right! unless you guys can pull a miracle with 36 more supporters, this is going to Stay a Failure!


Only Five Days left!

We've only gathered four new supporters as we enter the last five days, bumping our count to 0.62% and breaking our drought. but if we wish to stay alive, we need 38 more within the final five days we have.

anyways, more renders I'll never finish starting with the Yellow Dozer.

And the Green F1 Racer

and to finish the Industrial Side, the purple jet

if you want these renders fully assembled, I'm counting on you!


Drought near the end

this is bad. we only have ten days left and have hit a dry streak. we're just over halfway! we're only 42 short of 100! we can't give up here!

Anyways, back to rendering since i might not get a chance to edit them in. Yellow Bulldozer first.

and just to give this project somewhat of a Fighting Chance, Green Racer

hopefully we can turn this fate around.


The dreaded Quarter!

four people helped support this, raising our count up to 0.58% with only a quarter of our time left. we may have beaten the first attempt's total support count, but we don't have time to waste anymore! we need 42 more for that sweet hundred!

and now, an update to the Yellow Bulldozer render.
If i had more time, I could edit this in bit by bit.


Bested Personal Best!

Nine new supporters as we approach the final third, bumping our support count to 0.54% and beating our last attempt's final total of 0.48%. Giving the White Lion train a cleaner look of the Train mode with a Render helped out, but i only have 20 days left to see if that could help this hold on.

Speaking of renders, I'll be working on that with others right away starting with the yellow dozer.


Pink in the stink

once again, we've got only one new supporter helping out. leaving us with 0.43%, five away from the previous attempt, and 57 away from the first milestone! and i only got one more mech to show off!

Representing the Natural side, the pink minifig takes to the skies in an aviary machine. Forming the Helm and Wings of the Complete Natural sided Combiner!
if this doesn't help, I'll add the mechs in clean detail bit by bit. (But not before giving the White Lion Train a better look.)


Purple Halftime.

Half of our time is now gone, and we got only one new supporter to boost it up to 0.42%. we're just six away from tying the first attempt! and even then, we need to beat that and reach 100! maybe wrapping one of the two squads will help?

Representing the industrial side, our purple Minifig takes flight in a fighter jet, forming the Helm and Wings of the Complete Industrial sided combiner.
Not only that, but it comes armed with a meaty Hammer using some of the mech parts! it's not pictured here, but maybe i can show it if i got the time for it.


an unrhymable color splash

three new supporters came to boost this up to 0.41%, leaving this project seven away from the 48 from the last attempt. if we aren't lucky with any milestone, i at least hope to pass the first attempt. and i do think i have a way to do so.
Represent the Natural side, The orange minifig goes primal with a chimp-like Machine. Forming the arms of the Nature sided Combiner.
it's not pictured here, but it comes equipped with a blaster using some of the Mech parts! 


Great and Green!

twelve new supporters helped to end this dry streak, bumping our support count up to 0.38%. great to get something after ten whole days, but now a third of our time is gone, so we shouldn't let our work go to waste. How about another mech?
Representing the Industrial side, our green Minifig speeds along the roads with a formula one car, Forming the arms of the Industrial sided Combiner!
that's half the colored mechs, let's try and improve from our last attempt at this. (Which was a 0.48% at the time of expiration.)


First quarter Blues

15 days gone and no new support in ten of them? That's a Quarter of our time gone and we're still at 26! i might have to do the other side next mech, this time on the more Natural Side.
Representing the Natural side, the blue minifig takes the waters in an amphibian-like machine. forming the legs of this nature sided Combiner.

hopefully we can add onto the Support count and not this bone-dry streak.

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