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Jungle Fever / Concrete Justice (Redux)


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Two teams, Two Ideals, I ask you once again: Which side are you on?

in case you're wondering what this project is, I'm tackling a Pair of squadrons with a Natural and an Industrial theme again. Unfortunately, the original plan of pairing the White Lion train with mechs from the two teams just wouldn't fit, so i had to stick with the White lion train as before.

Why did you Build this again? it's the exact same!
Technically, the core of the White Lion Train is the same, but the head was completely revamped to match, Adding 54 whole bricks to the piece count.

Why do you believe in this again?
Because last time, I focused too much on the White Lion Train, which didn't help out. and I really wanted to show more of the mechs i made to go with it.

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