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The Citadel

Welcome to The Citadel, capitol of an ancient fantasy land. People from all around that world have come here to build the capitol, each country building houses in their own style, to create this colourful, hodge podge (is that a word?) city.

The build is made of micro towers, buildings and houses. See if you can spot:
  • A pumpkin and a beehive
  • Binoculars and horns/teeth
  • Wands and walking sticks

This model contains around 2000 (mostly small) pieces, and no minifigures.

This model would be an extremely challenging - but very fun build, especially with all the cool parts used. It would make a great set for both teens and adults, and would be great on display on its own, or to use as part of your own micro fantasy world.

Thank you so much for your support! Please please share with your friends and family to make this a real LEGO set! Feel free to share ideas and constructive criticism in the comments above!

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