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Rescue Helicopter - Working / Playable

RESCUE HELICOPTER - WORKING / PLAYABLE - Check out the video below!

Take off and fly the rescue helicopter!

This fully working play-set features a fully operational rescue helicopter. Use the controls to move the helicopter around whilst also adjusting the height using the collective lever control. Use the helicopter's winch to rescue those stranded at sea, to deliver much needed supplies or to lift the pirate's treasure.

The set includes:

  • a working rescue helicopter.
  • a cargo ship.
  • cargo (life-vests, supply drums and life-rings).
  • a sailor lost at sea floating on a raft.
  • a pirate (with treasure).
  • a landing pad.
  • rescue centre headquarters.
  • a lifeboat

This set offers a fun, dynamic, colourful build and hours of fun mastering the flight controls to become a top rescue helicopter pilot.

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