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Freshwater Algae Eater Models

About the Red Cherry Shrimp:
Red cherry shrimp are very small and are often bought as pets. I should know because I own a few. They only grow to one inch in length and can live for 1-2 years, or if kept under good conditions, can live for three. Their diet consists of, (you've probably already guessed it), algae. Because of their resilience to disease, these shrimp make great pets and are fairly easy to take care of. They also have very strong legs. Their little legs help them to quickly get away from danger. If a fish tries to bite it, the shrimp will dart off like a rocket to a hiding spot. I've noticed, whenever they climb up on land or escape from the aquarium, they will hop around like a cricket. Moving on...

About the Emerald Green Cory Catfish:
There are many different types of cory catfish, but I decided to build my favorite kind, the emerald green cory. This species typically grows to be two inches long and has very shiny green scales. Cories are very social and are schooling fish. multiple different species of cory catfish will even school with each other as well. Cories can live for 7-10 years, but if kept with the right water conditions, can live to fifteen years. I used to think that the catfish had two stingers that were located on its whiskers but, it actually has one stinger found on the tip of its pectoral fin. Its sting is not harmful to humans but can sting a little, almost like the fire ant's sting. Cories will only sting under extreme stress, or if they feel threatened. I have never actually been stung by mine though. Pebbles are not a suitable base for an aquarium containing cory catfish. I used to use pebbles until I heard that cories could choke on them. Once I added sand to my tank, my cories instantly face-planted into it and started sifting through it. Cories get their algae from underneath the sand.

This build contains 580 LEGO elements and would make an awesome decoration for marine life lovers, like me! Please support this idea and thanks for reading! :)

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