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The Hobbit Erebor


So here is my The Hobbit Erebor design. This set has 13 minifigures and 1 799 pieces (insluding minifigures and their accessories).

Minifigures are:

1.King Thror (same hairpiece as Thorin with crown,just different color of his hair)

2.Thrain (with one of the 3 dwarvish Rings

3.Dwarf Blacksmith

4.Dwarf blacksmith (with huge hammers)

5.Iron Hill Dwarf on battle ram (I included him because Iron hill dwarves will come in help in the third movie) Ram is Brick-Builded with 1 printed piece with eyes

6. Erebor soldier

7.Dwarf worker

8. Digger dwarf

9.Digger dwarf with elevator

10.Bank Dwarf

11.Bank dwarf version 2.

12.Bearded dwarf woman

13.Bearded dwarf woman with basket


This set is great opportunity to get bearded women.

This set does not have any new molded pieces,just new printings.

Every minifigure is unique and made in photoshop by my self

Again,no new moulded pieces,just new printings.

Those dwarven shields are made from 2 pieces: Street sign piece and one hook piece.

This set has so many features:

Huge entering doors,armory,You can use one dwarf for digging a hole in the right rock,and open small rock pieces to get some gold. There are also some awesome lights on the both sides of the rock.

This set also has small bank center where 2 dwarves are checking the gold and crystals.

This set has 1 small blacksmith place,and one huge with 2 huge hammers.

There is also place on the top for king Thror where he can enjoy his foor and his gold.

Part with armory and main part of the set can be connected with unique stairs building.

I hope You like this set and that You will support it.

Let's make happen one last Middle Earth set!!!!!

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