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18th Century Rigged Frigate

Set sail and head for sea with this 18th century rigged frigate! Featuring a full armament of cannons, a sleek hull and four masts, you're sure to be able to take on any challenge, be in the form of pirates or mythological sea creatures!

I designed this model for my love of the ships of the past. Frigates, brigs, ships of the line, schooners, I love them all. So I put my passion for these ships into this model, which borrows a bit from every ship design. The hull took the longest to work out, trying to come up with the curved bottom while keeping the model looking sleek. The deck features cargo barrels and crates, storage hatches, and a rowboat for when you need to abandon ship! As well, there is plenty of room for adding minifigures to stage many an epic battle!

The ship is shown WITHOUT sails as LDD unfortunately doesn't have a model for them.

I tried to be as detailed as possible, adding what I could here and there to recreate the look of an authentic frigate of the time.

This model would appeal to fans of all ages. Children would love it for its playability and action value, while adult collectors would enjoy it for its visual appeal!

So if you want to see this majestic ship on shelves and have one of your own, be sure to support! And most importantly, leave feedback so that I can know what you all do or don't like and can make adjustments accordingly! Thanks for looking!

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