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Beachside Scuba Rentals

This set includes two buildings that match with the style of my new Beachside shops series. One is a Mexican restaurant, and the other is a scuba rental shop with an apartment above it.
The first floor of the restaurant features the kitchen, two tables, the front counter, and stairs leading to the second floor. This floor features one massive table and a classic record player. I gave the restaurant a unique floor pattern with more rounded edges, unlike most other buildings. The scuba rental shop is much bigger, with it containing a bathroom, front desk, and displays for scuba gear. The second door leads to the exterior dock, with a cleaning station and access to the ocean. The second floor is the scuba owner's apartment, with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bed with a view of the ocean.
In total, this set has 2,021 pieces and includes 7 minifigures: the scuba shop owner, a waiter, a chef, two regular civilians, and two divers.

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