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Penguins of Madagascar Zoo - Reworked!



After almost 2 months, I come to you with a refreshed version of my LEGO set idea!
I used almost 1400 pieces more than last time to make this set more interesting.
Here is full changelog:
  • In my opinion, the most important change is an addition of the removable cover for Kowalski's Laboratory to make this set look more closed. I also used tiles and ingot pieces to make zoo walls look more interesting

  • Penguin's HQ has also been updated. Not only with new member of the group - Miss Perky, but also with smoother floor and rock under the TV. Moreover, I decided to change the purpose of Private's first prize - in the last version there was a safe with secret files behind it now it is a hidden entrance to the base.

  • Kowalski's Laboratory had to be rearranged to make place for the cover, and besides that it didn't receive much of an update. I made Kowalski's science blackboard a stand, but unfortunately it can't be seen on these renders. I also added famous penguins' binoculars

  • I decided to mirror the secret cavern to make a better access to it. Pipe leading to the furnace is now much thicker and can support lemurs' habitat above it. Furthermore, every wall in this set received more texture thanks to ingot pieces and bricks.

  • I felt like lemurs' habitat was just boring and too simple - especially the volcano. I used some tiles to make its flat side look like it wasn't just cut in half, and changed the tile in the crater to LEGO Minecraft lava tile. Moreover, I also didn't like how blocky was lemurs' mountain, so again I took tiles and inverted slopes to make it worthy of such dignified monarch. The shelf behind Maurice's bar is now covered from the outside, and now he can also put his glasses on the higher level. The Hatch to the secret cavern was changed to be bars instead of a plate to match the design from the TV series. You can also see I added much more plants to make this habitat look more alive.

  • In my opinion, penguins' car and garage didn't need any rework, but this whole wall next to the garage did. So as every other wall it is now redesigned with bricks and ingot pieces. As you can see, I also added bars and slopes to make the new entrance to penguins' HQ look more like in the TV series.

Besides these changes, you may also spot some minor ones like changing Skipper's mug color to metallic silver or moving Maurice's bar one stud forward etc.

More photos and edit of the idea is waiting for LEGO's approval. Stay tuned!
Also, last time I have hidden an easter egg which foreshadowed the introduction of miss Perky. In these upcoming photos there is another one, but this time it is not meant to foreshadow anything - just for fun! Share in the comments if you spot it.


Just Smile and Wave Boys... Smile and Wave...

I can finally show you penguins minifgures. I think they turned out pretty well, but I hope LEGO will make custom forms for them if they decide to make this idea actual LEGO set. I also added iconic Private's unicorn and fizzy drink jetpack. What do you think?


Better Quality Renders!

I can't edit my idea for next 30 days so, but I have created renders with better lightning and I want to show you them.

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