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Research Lab Transporter



Video demostration

For the new followers and everyone else who hasn't seen it before here a little video of it in action. Enjoy.


It's the little things

I had some time over the weekend to refine the details inside the module. In fact I made a few modules, a botany, a geology and an old school communications module.


Botany Module

Rather than a radar dish on top it has some solar arrays . On the left side, tools for gathering specimens and jars for storing seeds. On the right, a few living exotic plants including a slightly dangerous one in a jar.


Geology Module

The main change is that the table is bigger and the microscope has been redesigned.

"How interesting"


Kicking it old school!

A communication module styled in classic space blue and transparent yellow.

"You wouldn't believe what happened to me the other day."


Putting it all together

The modules can clip together making a rather nice looking base if I do say so my self.

Vehicle with solar array

I'm really digging the transparent medium blue at the moment.



Video of play features

A little video showing the spinning radar in action, the removal of the module and how it folds out.



Mmmmm... Did someone say M-Tron

With this project being inspired from the classic space set I pulled out some of my old sets from storage for a little play. The M-Tron Mega Core Magnetizer is one of my all time favourites. This module is dedicated to it. I'll try to video it in action and post it soon.


A cab with a view - New Trans light blue curve wedges.

A few parts that I've been waiting for arrived. I originally wanted the the side curves of the cab to be trans light-blue but didn't have the parts. I think it looks much better now and the crew can see more. I've also change the radar dish to light bluish grey to soften the look. The module now has a stripe of dark blue to match the vehicle.


For people who are interested, instructions and my Lego Digital Designer file are now available. Feedback about the build is most welcomed and I'll love to see how people's builds turn out.


Part list

With exception of a couple of bricks, the pieces are common and shouldn't be to hard to source.

  • The white 3x3x2 brick facet, used on either side of the bottom of the cab may be hard to come across. It was only available in 2 sets from the 1990's.
  • The 4x1 brick with groove in white was only available in one set, Tygurah's Roar 7411-1 from 2003. It's commonly found in black or light bluish grey.


Multi Modules

Modules can clip together when folded out, forming a base of sorts.