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Research Lab Transporter


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A space vehicle for transporting modular containers. The containers slide in from the back along grooves and click into place. Once in place the gear on the back on the vehicle and the gear on the module interlock. When the vehicle moves the internal gears rotate and engage the gearing of the module.

The idea is that different modules can be used with the vehicle each with differing gearing mechanics making the top of the module do different things. In this initial case it simply makes a radar dish spin around atop of a research lab. The modules are also design to unfold revealing the internal work station.

Inspiration for this comes from the classic space sets of the 80s. I also want to show my son how gears work and how they can be incorporated in a non-technic set to add some extra play functionally. I should note that my son wanted it to be purple with caterpillar tracks, so if this does make it all the way through the ideas process that option should be looked at.


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