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My Sweet Kitchen, Playing House Set


Hello, LEGO Fans 

Most of the ideas submitted here seem to be for adult Lego fans.
So, I came up with a product idea for children.

I designed a playing house set which boys and girls can have fun with each other regardless of their gender.

This set is comped of several cooking utensils and some vegetables.

I would like to introduce the components.

It contains basic ingredients for cooking.

There are also basic condiments available to enhance the taste of the ingredients.

Next, I will introduce cooking utensils.

Above all, what you need to cook is heat.

This set is equipped with an IH induction style electric range.(Of course it's a toy.)

Using the knob , you can turn on and off the range. 

There is a Lego LED inside the range, so you can turn the knob to turn the LED off and on.

This set includes cooking utensils, so you can imitate cooking.

It would be nice to have some time for a cup of tea after we finish eating, right?

A tea set is also prepared in advance.

Thank you for watching ~

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