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Green Coat Trading Fort


 A new faction has arrived to LEGO Pirates! The Green Coats have set up a trading fort, headed by Governor Sheer along with his trusty aide, Lieutenant Camber along with his platoon of men and his loving wife.

Unfortunately for them, the infamous pirate Captain Cutlass and his crew have got wind that the Governor is in possession of a vast fortune, amongst which is the rare ruby Cho-Uma!

 Will Governor Sheer and Lieutenant Camber managed to stop the pirate bandits, or will Captain Cutlass with his trusted monkey manage to steal the Cho-Uma Ruby?

 Set Details

 The set is an advanced play set with many features. The fort can split in two for easy storage and for playability.

 The tower at the back is modular in design, allowing access to the Sheer's apartment. The apartment features a desk and a display stand for the Cho-Uma ruby. Mrs. Sheer resides in the apartment and overlooks the goings on at the fort from her balcony.

 Beneath the apartment are the stables where the Pirate soldier tends to Governor Sheer's horse whilst spying on the activities of the fort. Within the stables is a secret door used by the pirates to infiltrate the fort.  The mossy stone built into the door gives away where the secret door is!

 Two cannons stand at either end of the fort which can rotate. There is also a ladder to gain access to the upper levels and a table on the opposite corner of the fort for Sheer and Camber to discuss plans for ambushing Cutlass's secret hideout.

 The fort also features a jail with a removable wall, so the pirates can blow the wall out and rescue Captain Cutlass! The interior has chains so Cutlass can be kept locked up.

 Minifigures include:
 Governor Sheer - the head of the fortress and leader of the Green Coat faction.
 Mrs. Sheer - Governor Sheer's loving wife. The Cho-Uma ruby belongs to her.
 Lieutenant Camber - second in command and duty bound to Governor Sheer.
 Ten Green Coat soldiers. 
 Captain Cutlass - the new rogue Captain out to steal a vast fortune and the Cho-Uma ruby.
 A pirate lieutenant and a pirate soldier posing as a helper in the fort. 
 Governor Sheer's horse.
 Cutlass's monkey - able to sneak into any building and steal jewels like the Cho-Uma ruby.

 Also included is a cart to load the cargo and money on.


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