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Georgian Mansion



The elegant Georgian Mansion in the suburbs of Lego City, where Lord Brickdale, an elderly multi millionaire, lives. 

 Built in the 18th Century, this mansion features three levels and is modular in design, with each level being able to be lifted off so you can play inside. Stairs lead up to each level so the minifigures can venture to all areas of the house with believability. 

 The centrepiece of the mansion is the ornate Grand Staircase, made out of marble with chequered floor patterning. The walls are adorned with abstract paintings and portraits. 

 Ivy decorates the exterior of the house and there are intricate building techniques scattered about.


 The ground room floors include: Drawing Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Downstairs Landing. There is also a front garden with water fountain, a flowerbed and gates leading up the path.

 The First Floor features: Master Bedroom, Bathroom, Corridor, Upper Staircase Landing, Study, Balcony

 The Attic features an assortment of junk plus the butler's own bedroom and a resident ghost...

 Furnishing include drawers, a wardrobe, tables, a settee, a piano, a bed and a bath.

 The house also includes interior decoration. Each room has it's own colour scheme and theme.

  The chimneys are hollow from fireplace to fireplace and connect from the ground floor all the way up to the attic, with dividers to prevent smoke from one fireplace escaping into the next.

Minifigures include:

 Lord Brickdale - owner of the mansion. Father of Susan and grandfather to Rebecca and Edward. A gentile and benevolent man.

 Richard - Susan's husband and a businessman. Highly strung workaholic.

 Susan - The wife of Richard and daughter to Lord Brickdale a successful entrepreneur herself

 Rebecca - the rebellious teenage daughter of Simon and Susan

 Edward - The youngest member of the family

 Jake -  the rebellious teenager and boyfriend to Rebecca

 Horace the Butler - Lord Brickdale's most loyal servant

 A policeman on his beat.

 An elderly couple - neighbours of Lord Brickdale and friends.

 The resident G-G-G-Ghost - called Fred. 

 Set would also feature a car driven by Jake.



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