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Classic School Bus


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School Bus

   The yellow school bus is common sight growing up in the United States and around the world. For many people, it symbolizes childhood and education. I based the design on a mix of the most common school bus styles, and I wanted it to have a “classic” feel, so it is not based on one specific era.

   The set includes children who are riding the bus, as well as the bus driver, a safety crosswalk person, and parent waiting for the bus with the children. It would be a great addition to any Lego city.


Cool features include:

  • The bus seats 10 passengers plus driver.
  • Removable roof.
  • Side stop sign.
  • Safety bar on front.
  • Hood that opens to reveal engine.
  • Side door battery compartment.
  • Fire extinguisher. 


Some other little details:

  • The color “School Bus Yellow” is a specific color used only for school buses for safety purposes, and I think Flame Yellowish Orange would be a great match. (Note: the rendered images make not precisely match the color.)
  • It was important that the standard minfigures as well as the shorter minifigures could fit on the bus, and I arrived at a seat design that works for either size. 
  • Total piece count: 572.


Thanks for looking, and I appreciate the support!

Any sharing would be helpful!

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