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Speeder Bike Chase

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One of the most desired sci-fi ideas, the Speeder Bike.  The speeder bike is the science fiction vehicle that we all want.  And since we cannot have one of our own in real life (yet), LEGO is the perfect way to create one...or six.

This set contains six different speeder bikes and their pilots.  Each speeder is unique and has several adjustable wings and cockpits.

But how does a speeder bike work?  The principles are rather simple (it is the science that is the hard part).  A speeder bike operates by two methods of thrust (red arrows in the second picture) and then multiple methods of control (blue arrows in the second picture).  Thrust is first pointed down to create lift, and second is pointed back to push the bike forward.  Then the different attached wings and air foils help control and direct the thrust.  And leaves you with a very fast and very maneuverable speeder bike.

First, we have the three good guys (third picture).  The leader in white with his two support riders in orange.

And second, every good guy must have a bad guy to chase (fourth picture).  So we have our three bad guys to try and escape.

  • Set Details:
    • Six separate builds
    • Six mini-figs
    • 374 total pieces (not including mini-figs)
    • Build time at about 10 minutes per speeder


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