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Penguin Carolers


Now viewable from all sides!

I created a animation of the set spinning around so people can view it from all sides.


Now with more base!

I've added a platform for them to stand on rather than just a plate. Also added a plaque in front.
This set is now about 300 pieces, 100 unique sets and measures about 6" wide by 3.5" deep by 4.5" high (14.5cm x 9cm x 11.8cm). It's super easy to build, even for young children.


Choir Book looks more like a book.

I've changed the Choir Book so it looks more like a book and now the Penguin's Flippers are directly holding it instead of a couple of clips.


Bakground scene fancied up a bit.

I've changed the lamp post and the wall so that they're not so plain.

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