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Penguin Carolers


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They're out and about at Christmas, bringing cheer and song everyone! Or at least they would be if they could carry a tune, but their hearts are in the right place. Thomas is the leader as he is the oldest, but Francis is the most enthusiastic and has the best voice. Neither one of them really wanted to do it, but Kevin insisted and it is kind of fun afterall.

This set would make a lovely addition to any Christmas Display. The Penguins are adorable and a little funny. Everyone will love the set, even if they're not into Lego. Sure to brighten even the most stalwart of Scrooge!

Their wings have a few points of articulation so they can even be posed a little bit. You can see in one of the images that there are mounting points. This helps in stability, but it also means they can be rearranged if you want.

It has 301 total parts with 97 total sets. It's about 14.5cm Wide (5.7") x 9.0 cm Deep (3.5) x 11.8cm Tall (4.7")

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