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Jungle Dragon


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The Jungle Dragon is quite a sight to see. It is an enormous creature, a cousin to Godzilla if you like. They are quick, dangerous, and agile. Yet, they are magnificent.

How it Came to Be

I originally created this creature in real life a few years ago. It didn't have any legs, but the body and tail were definitely there. After awhile, I decided to make the body more moveable. Then, I added forearms to make a lindworm. After that, I finally added the other two legs in the back to finalize it. I recently recreated it on LDD with some color added to it, and I figured that this was the perfect place to put it.

Why it Should be in Stores

You don't see too many large creatures like this, purely because other sets are mainly focused on the building. This just has the creature himself. A giant dragon. He may lack wings, but he makes it up in size and parts. Even if you don't want the creature, you could definitely make use of the parts.

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