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No Man's Sky | Radiant Pillar BC1


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Leap into the uncharted universe of No Man’s Sky with the legendary Radiant Pillar BC1!

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. Your journey begins when you awake upon an unknown planet. Stranded and alone with little resources at your disposal, you must repair your starship and launch into deep space to seek answers amidst the stars. This set is built to capture your first steps in the Euclid Galaxy.

   •   Detailed replica of the Radiant Pillar BC1, the first starship you fly in No Man’s Sky. Includes fully retractable landing gear for easy flight and display.
   •   Collect ferrite dust and di-hydrogen crystals to repair and refuel your starship, but watch out for the Sentinel patrolling nearby!
   •   Set foot with the Traveller minifigure and avoid detection by the Sentinel drone.
   •   Includes 989 pieces.

I believe LEGO and No Man’s Sky would be an excellent combination. No Man’s Sky is focused on exploration in a procedural galaxy, and what’s a better way to represent that galaxy than with LEGO bricks? Builders can create their very own landscapes from their LEGO collection to explore with the Radiant Pillar BC1. No two planets are the same, so every adventure will be a new one.

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