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Pacific Rim Custom Jaegers


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First of all, thanks for clicking on my project, it means a lot.

     Coming from a (hopefully) distant future, the Jaegers! Made to battle the Kaiju coming from the ocean floor, these machines are humanities last hope against the beasts. These were some designs I had made, and had a lot of fun building. I think this could make a great set because I think we should get sets from Pacific Rim, since it has such a great concept! The Jaegers I made are named as follows:

  • Midnight Redeemer(black one)
  • Nova Goliatlh(yellow one)
  • Brawler Rebirth(blue one)
  • Cherno Omega(gray one)

     For a more in-depth explanation of each Jaeger, please visit my blog, where I go into full detail of each one, as well as showcase another Jaeger I made that had to be removed from this Idea since it is not fully complete yet, but may come later in an update. Thanks for your support!

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