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The Luxury Cliff Mansion

Are you ready to have your mind blown?
Then check out the Luxury Cliff Mansion which features 2,957 pieces! This is a mansion in the side of a cliff with so many details and features. All 3 layers can be removed, that means the top, the middle, and the bottom can all come off. A super awesome tiny plastic rich LEGO man and his family decided to build themselves the ultimate mansion on the side of a cliff made from LEGO so here it is.

The top level features two motorbikes, but you can park a car or any vehicle on it, just don't park too close to the ledge. The top features a hatch which acts as the entrance to the house and has a ladder going down it. On the second level, there are multiple features which include a bathroom, a pizza oven, a formal table for two, a bar, two desks, a couch, a kitchen and more! If you walk down the staircase onto the bottom level there are two rooms, a bunk bed, a queen-sized bed, a bathroom, a long bar-stool table, a pool table, an arcade machine and more! If you like this build please support, and share with your friends because maybe we will see this on shelves one day!

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