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Astral Deployment Transport Unit


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The Astral Deployment Transport Unit has everything you need for exploration on distant planets! A rolling laboratory on wheels that seeks to conquer the toughest terrain while gathering data! This operational beast is 17" long, 6" wide, and 8" tall. Complete with a control room, laboratory, engineering room, and Recon Craft compartment. Various parts of the transport are hand operative such as the sliding glass doors, satellite dish, and rotatable rocket launcher which you can control by flicking you finger on the end of a rocket causing it to launch seven feet! 

The transport itself resembles a Trogan horse as it shuttles the Recon Craft positioned at the rear of the vehicle. One passenger can operate the craft. Behind the cab is a hidden lazer support system, visible by the the press of your finger on the conveyance's top. After use, it can be returned to its snug compartment of which the drop ramp can be lock securely behind enabling the vehicle to become stationary.

Twenty-six accessory tools are available in use for the six man squad. Each have a position they fill. In order from left to right in the picture above there is the scientist, Recon Craft driver, transport navigator, radar tower lookout, assistant navigator, and radio operator/engineer.

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