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Tan Modular Townhouse


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This build is a modular townhouse with a driveway next to it. It is built on a 32x32 raised baseplate and the house is on the 18x24 raised platform and the whole build is able to connect with other Creator Expert modular buildings. The front door is on the side right next to the and of the driveway for easy access to the inside. Behind the house is a gray trash can and a green recycling bin and both have lids that go on top of each one. In the front there is a small garden with small sprouting plants and on the sides there is grass and connectors for other modular buildings.

The first floor is the living area that includes a small kitchen, a table, two chairs, two sofa chairs, a coffee table, a mantle with a mantel clock on top, a fireplace, a “mud room” area with a carpet in front of that, and finally there is stairs that lead to the second floor. The kitchen includes four drawers, an oven, and a refrigerator. The table has a pie, a hot dog, and a newspaper on it. The coffee table has two coffee mugs on that. The “mud room” bench has a jacket on a hanger. Now, let’s go up the stairs to the second floor.

The second floor is the bedroom and bathroom and that includes the parents’ bed, the girl’s bed, a nightstand between the two beds, and all of this is on a area rug. The bathroom includes a toilet and a sink with a carpet in front of the drawer below the sink. There are safety rails around the opening of the stairs so no one gets hurt.

The third floor is just the attic so there are no details to be found up there, but on top of the roof there is a exhaust fan and a smokestack. I designed this build on a site called Mecabricks.

This build includes 3 minifigures:

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