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Tiny Tiny-Houses

I have displayed hinged tiny tiny-houses at a few hobby shows and received excitement and praise from Children and Adults. Recently I was asked where they could be purchased. So here they are, with hopes that they will become a Lego set.

{December 1, 2019: I have created a video and placed it here: 

These tiny tiny-houses fold completely closed and completely open. All three include stairs to the second floor.  Two include bathrooms and Beds for parents and 2 children. The Third is a bunkhouse design with 4 wide beds and a playpen/bathtub on the first floor. I usually display these houses with one Teddy bear, one baby, one trophy figure, and one or two of my microfigures made using baby heads.

For my Lego-Ideas submission, in addition to the houses, I have included: A swimming pool with shallow-end, slide, diving board, and lounge chair; A tennis court; a picnic area; three tiny doll-houses; and a tree. I have included 2 micro figures made using a baby minifig head, ice-cream cone body, bracelet feet and inverted tile, but inplace of the inverted tile I have put Tile, 20482 so that the figures can be cliped onto a stud.

Tiny-houses are being portrayed on a few TV shows. And they provided some inspiration for these houses, but, usually they are houses on wheels. My Lego versions are a bit different, including lots of hinges so they can be arranged in many ways. Also, lots of tiles, so one can remove the roof and see how they look from the top.

I hope you love these tiny tiny-houses almost as much as I do.

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