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Glass Balls About the Seasons

They are four glass balls that represent the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
A blonde girl in a long magenta dress sitting on a flowery meadow. She looks at a blue butterfly resting on her hand and a white bird has settled on her head. The background portrays tree trunks extending across the lawn. At the top of the dome we find a flower.
A girl with black hair, a straw hat and a white sunbath sitting on the beach building a sandcastle with a spade and bucket. In the distance she sees a boat in the sea. At the top of the dome we find the sun.
A girl with short brown hair, a cape, orange shirt and black pants jumping into a pile of autumn leaves. The leaves flying due to her jump and in the background trees with autumn colors. At the top of the dome we find leaves of color: red, orange and yellow.
A girl with white hair, a long blue dress and a blue scarf building a snowman. In the background we find fir trees and on top of the dome there are snowflakes.

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