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Elf: The North Pole


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Elf: The North Pole. Is one of the central places from John Favreau's movie. I put in the central characters and places including where Buddy and his fellow elves build toys, Santa's workshop. Tree's the snow man which is a friend of buddies as well as the penguin, bear and walrus who are by the ocean where buddies leaves on as well as Mr. Narwhal. I had the elves creating toys getting all the colours used for the elves cloths such as blue, pink, red and green. 

The hardest was figuring out how to build the walrus, finally deciding to build out of LEGO bricks much like the narwhal 

I built this set because it was nearing Christmas and I was thinking of Elf (2003) and thought it would be a fun winter themed set. I also love claymation and wanted to challenge myself with creating the claymation characters in the film. I also love Christmas which was also a big factor in me creating this set. I also built the candy cane forest and included Santa Claus. I picked the north pole because I thought it would the most interesting build for the movie instead of building every day city buildings you'd find in New York. 

I believe it will make a great set because it has interesting builds, a nice winter theme that will be great to add to anyone's winter theme collection. It has a nice snow build and will be great for any fan of Christmas and John Favreau's film 

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