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Dreamwork's Shrek Swamp

My favorite animation saga of all my life inspired me to build this, each piece on it means that nostalgia and affection that I have put here, just over 20 years after it's premiere, it became a pop culture icon that will never go away fashionable, a perfect fairy tale for it's imperfection, Shrek.

I tried to make this model as faithful and accurate to what we see in the movie, without a doubt the most difficult part was finding the right shapes for the characters, and even more so for Shrek himself, of whom I decided to propose two versions, the 'BigFig' for aesthetics and my own whims, and a minifigure so that it can be playable with the build of his own swamp, and its bathroom.

I included the main characters and the ones I consider most important since they all appear in all the Shrek movies. (Well, only Puss in Boots appears until the second movie). Includes 5 Minifigures: Shrek, Fiona, Big Bad Wolf, Little Pig and Pinocchio. 2 Baby mold: Gingy and Blind Mice. And a Donkey xD.

Includes a Shrek brickbuild

Let's ask together the wish to reach 10 thousand and have the possibility of being considered, thank you!

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