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NEW 2017 Sparow GT backend

I've changed the back-end design for the Sparrow GT (not RS) for the 2017 model with single taillights and split exhaust pipes.

Let me know what you think.  This was the 2016 Sparrow GT back-end with dual taillights and center exhaust pipes.

And the Sparrow RS back-end remains unchanged with dual taillights and center exhaust pipes ...


Which back-end treatment do you like best???


Hoist with Other Cars

The hoist can be used with other 6-wide LEGO cars too, like the CITY Police Pursuit (60128) and CITY Race Car (60053).


SuperGTR Panther - NEW LEGO Car Model Type

I've added the SuperGTR Panther to this proposed LEGO Project.  Now in additional to the hoist, you can build either a Sparrow (RS or GT, Coup, Targa or Spyder) or a SuperGTR Panther in black.  Here is a picture of the SuperGTR Panther:

SuperGTR Panther


Hoist Details

The hoist floor is gray with yellow indicating where the lift is and where the car wheels should stop.  When the lift moves up, you place the lift in the position that you like and then place the car on it. 

The 1x1 round plates fit snugly into the jack points indicated under the car. 

This way the car sits solidly on the hoist but does not actually click-attach to the hoist.  The car does not fall off but can be easily lifted off.

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