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Sports Car Garage


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LEGO Sports Car Garage

The ultimate customizable 6-post 1-minifig-seater sports car design featuring, what I’m calling, the Sparrow RS with optional supercharged engine!

My proposed project includes enough blocks to build a single 6 post wide format sports car and hoist.  This car would be configurable in Black with a wide Red & White center stripe, in one of three different body types (Coup, Targa or Spyder), one of two models (GT or RS) and, for the RS, with or without an optional open hood with exposed supercharged engine.  That makes for 9 different combinations.  The GT and RS have different styling features for the front grill, hood, ground effects and rear-end.  The project would also includes two LEGO Minifig mechanics.

I have carefully designed and crafted this car to comfortably transport a single LEGO Minifigure in style.  I have refined this LEGO car over the past few years.  It doesn’t reflect any particular production car but it does, in its own way, resemble the ideals of a modern day sports car.  Enjoy!

All cars are detailed in black with dual white racing stripes, red center stripe, red interior, and red ground effects.

The 9 possible style, body type and engine combinations:

1.  Sparrow RS Coup
2.  Sparrow RS Coup with supercharged engine
3.  Sparrow RS Targa
4.  Sparrow RS Targa with supercharged engine
5.  Sparrow RS Spyder
6.  Sparrow RS Spyder with supercharged engine
7.  Sparrow GT Coup
8.  Sparrow GT Targa
9.  Sparrow GT Spyder

This kit would work well with my proposed “LEGO Sports Car Collector Set”.  All cars fit nicely on the hoist and both the Blue and Red Sparrow GT could be converted into a Sparrow RS.

And that is not all.  There is also a hoist that can be assembled in a multitude of different heights. On the hoist your car can be displayed with or without wheels, with the hood, engine, and front grill removed, or with the standard engine, or with the supercharged engine.

Short description of the terms used:

GT - Typically means “Grand Touring” and is used to indicate a Sports Car with an upgraded racing package.
RS - Typically means “Rally Sport” and is used to indicate a Sports Car with an upgraded sport package.
Coup - A two door hard top.
Targa - A convertible where just the top of the roof is removed and the roof posts and rear-window remain.
Spyder - A term used for high end sports car convertible where the entire roof is removed.

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