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Minecraft - The Shadow of Israphel (Micro-Scale)

The Shadow of Israphel is a hugely popular Minecraft-based adventute series surrounding the travels of Simon (Honeydew) and Lewis (Xephos) around Minecraftia. I think this would make a good subtheme for the Minecraft sets along with it's many locations and landmarks. I shall explain this particular set in detail below.

This particular model is not designed as an actual set but gives a clear view of the potencial of the franchise.

In this picture we have Knight Peculiar, a curse warrior who helps the heroes prevent the rise of evil, Xephos, one of the two players in the series who hate jumping puzzles, Honeydew, Xephos' best friend who loves using TNT to ruin puzzles and Skylord Lysander, a Lord of the Sky who helps the heroes find their next area. Also, there is Israphel, a mysterious ghostly demmon who tries to stop the heroes from destroying his portals. He is standing on one of the portals that evil toxic sand is pouring out of. The sand invasion is what the heroes are trying to stop. They are all in front of Verigan's Wall, a barrier to protect Minecraftia from the sand, but it is damaged.

A few examples of possible sets are:
1: The Yogcave
2: Terrorvale
3: Mistral
4: Verigan's Hold
5: Verigan's Wall
6: BBQ Bay

Thank you for reading. Check out my other Minecraft ideas if you like this one!

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