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Claus Toys

Claus toys Are back!!
It has snowed a lot since Santa Claus gave out his first gift, it is said that he left everything he had to give it to others, without questioning their needs. Everything happened a long time ago in a place full of magic and hope, that over the years has seen the city grow around it and learn to live with the concrete. The most loved place in the town and without a doubt the most fun.
Claus spends many hours a day in his workshop accompanied by his Elf that helps him with delicate tasks. His niece also helps him in the store. Where, if you notice, there is no cash register. A few meters from the workshop, there is a sports shop. Mostly winter sports, although you can find surfboards too.
The walls of both stores and the floors can be unfolded for better access for the playability and while trying to maintain consistency at the same time. Claus Toys is a suggestion to include a Christmas scene into an expert building. Every year, the Company offers us a winter scene and I wanted to collaborate in this way by turning it into a modular building.
Claus Toys contains 7 minifigures:
- Mr.Claus
- Mrs. Claus
- Claus´ s Niece
- Elf Assistant
- Athlete and Sports store owner
- Child with sled
- Little girl with letter
This is my suggestion in 3000 pieces. Thanks a lot.

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