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Ironman Hulkbuster


Thank You.

I would like to thank you for the supports to this project.

Recently, I decided to re-build a new design and therefore, this version of Hulkbuster is no longer available.

Thanks again for all the supports.




Updated Version 2 Photos

Same as the version of the previous video, some version 2 photos(larger photos) are shared in the following link:

For this version, main amendments are re-designing the surfaces of the chest, front arms and legs. 

Simplifying some details and rearranging some parts:

Other than the surface designs, I have added two joints on the front arms:

one inside the golden shield

it makes the hands able to pose a shooting screen more naturally.

However, the re-designs do not affect the structure of it.

Still can pose:

Thanks for watching :)


Control Room

To show how the control room opens, a video (without voice, don't check your speaker :P ) has been uploaded to the youtube at the following link.

Hope you enjoy :)


Some Modifications on details (20150717)

After submitting the project, I have been still working on some details of it. I have received some comments that there might be too much details on the chest so I reduced some and made it cleaner.

Beside, I have enhanced the mobility of the arms with two more joints (will show with new photo coming soon).